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Web Site Hosting Services

Builtnetworks provides convenient web site hosting on our servers accessible by FTP access and/or use any of the following CMS services; Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Concrete 5, Moodle and many other services upon request.

CMS Web Services


The following packages are available:

• $8.00 per mo. ($96 per year) - 100 MB disk space for non-profit organizations*.

• $10.00 per mo. ($120 per year) - 100 MB disk space.

• $15.00 per mo. ($180 per year) - 150 MB disk space.

• $20.00 per mo. ($240 per year) - 200 MB disk space.

• Blog Server Hosting also available. Check here for pricing.

Call for other configurations and pricing.

*Non-profit organizations must not have any advertising or other commercial items on their web site to qualify for the $8.00 per month rate.

Domain name registration: Registering your business name to a web site domain name for example or for non profit institutions, and there are other top level domains you can get if the .com or .org names are already taken. For example the following top level domains you can use are .us, .info, .biz, .net, and many more.

Call or email to see if your business name is available and the cost. Once you have the domain name of your choice, no one can take it from you as long as you do not let your registration expire and it is not a trademark or copyright infringement for that name.

Dennis LaMasters, Webmaster/Owner
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